Craig Purse
Strategic Advisor

Craig is a Strategic Advisor in the Profit Enhancement Solutions group, a division of Smith & Gesteland, LLP. Over the course of his career, he ran 8 different companies ranging in size from $15 to $950 Million and helped run or consulted for over 50 others.

Prior to joining us, Craig was a Vice President and Group Executive at Danaher Corporation (DHR), a Washington, DC headquartered company, where he worked for over 25 years. Danaher designs, manufactures, and markets science and technology products and services to professional, medical, industrial, and commercial customers around the world.

During his career at Danaher, Craig hired and developed 8 associates who became functional Vice Presidents in larger Danaher businesses and 5 associates who became successful Danaher company Presidents.

While with Danaher and its companies, Craig:

  • Was the “first man on the ground” at a $300 million acquisition serving the packaging industry that was the cornerstone of a new platform for Danaher. In the seven years Craig was responsible for this business, it more than tripled in size (market share grew from 10% to 25%), profitability improved from 13% to 24% and working capital turns doubled.
  • Grew a German division increasing operating profit by more than 15% in two years.
  • In two years, developed a new family of products resulting in a 36% increase in market share.
  • Implemented a system resulting in a 64% decrease in warranty claims.
  • Realigned product and channel strategies resulting in 34% sales growth and a 9% improvement of operating profit percentage in two years.
  • Implemented a demand flow production system that increased on time delivery to 96% and improved customer satisfaction ratings by 21%.
  • Developed strategies and led implementation efforts to grow a product line from $3 million to $26 million and improved worldwide market share position from seventh to second.
  • As a CFO at a Danaher division, he performed strategic and financial evaluations, due diligence work and participated in contract negotiations leading to the acquisition and integration of 3 companies that increased sales by $35 Million and operating profit by $11 Million.

Craig has a BBA in Accounting and Finance from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Craig is a passionate outdoorsman with a love for hunting and fishing.

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