LeRoy Lauer, Jr.
Strategic Advisor

LeRoy is a Strategic Advisor in the Profit Enhancement Solutions group, a division of Smith & Gesteland, LLP. LeRoy has spent his entire career in the manufacturing industry. Prior to the purchase of Miller Electric by ITW, LeRoy worked as the Manager of Supply Quality (Supply Chain Management) for seven years.

He has spent the last 20 years focused on managing businesses in the Welding Group of ITW, including companies such as the Miller Commercial Businesses, Miller TIG businesses, Smith Equipment, Miller Plasma and Miller Service Parts.
In 2014, LeRoy left Miller Electric after 41 years of service in several management positions including vice president/ general manager and business unit manager roles. During the last 21 years, as an ITW employee, LeRoy managed 12 different businesses ranging in size from $3M to $250M in revenues. Some of his accomplishments while managing these companies:

  • Key member of the management team that moved Miller Electric from a centralized organization to a segmented focus factory approach, improving operating margins from 6% to over 30% in some businesses.
  • Over 30 years of successfully managing an empowered workforce.
  • Implementation of the 80/20 philosophy and moved the Miller businesses from a six week lead time organization to the goal of next day.
  • Strategic implementation of In-lining and Market Rate of Demand material management techniques.
  • Successful integration of several international and domestic acquisitions.
  • Managed the Miller TIG businesses from $30M to over $120M while increasing bottom line operating margins from 15% to over 25%.

During his career with ITW, LeRoy was a proven leader in the 80/20 philosophy and implementation. He is also regarded as an expert in streamlining manufacturing process-material and in-lining. Most recently, LeRoy designed and implemented the re-tooling of the 80/20 process throughout Miller Electric and the ITW Welding Group all the while focusing on engaging the workforce through hands on training and measuring results. Some of the annual results:

• Over $7.9M in annualized cost savings.
• Over $3.3M in inventory reductions.
• 60K reduction in efficiency hours.
• Over 2,600 employee improvement projects.
• Over 500 in-lining and value mapping projects.

LeRoy earned a B.A. in Business Administration from Lakeland College. His personal interests include his grandchildren as well as a passion for collecting and restoring old farm tractors. He and his wife, Mary, have been married for over 37 years and enjoy traveling around the country in their motor home.

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