Valerie Laufenberg, MPA, CPA

Val is the Partner of the Profit Enhancement Solutions group, a division of Smith & Gesteland, LLP. Val’s time is split between general management of the practice, presenting at seminars and assisting clients with the implementation of our program.

Val applies her extensive 80/20 knowledge along with business analysis and growth strategies to help clients increase profitability and maintain top-line growth.

Since joining the PES team in 2008, Val has contributed greatly to the successes of our clients. Val specializes in segmenting unlike businesses and figuring out the appropriate resource allocation amongst the segments to optimize profits and growth. Val’s clients have doubled their profit in less than three years in large part because of Val’s 80/20 execution and focus on accountability.

Val was a key player in growing the PES business which has averaged 48% annual revenue growth since its inception.

Val began her career at Smith & Gesteland, LLP in 2004 working primarily with corporate tax clients in the manufacturing, distribution, construction and transportation industries. She obtained her certified public accountant credential in 2004. Val received her BBA in Accounting and Masters in Professional Accountancy from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.

Outside of work, Val keeps busy with her family and their collection of animals. Val and her family have horses, cattle, a dog and, in her words, “too many barn cats”.

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